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Petaka cell culture tool New generation of cell culture tools to simulate human physiological environment. gain the real cell physiological response Product Catalog Download
Qubit2.0 manual Nucleic acid and protein quantitative analysis by fluorescent;It can be single nucleic acid quantitative analysis Operation Manual Download
Life Technologies desktop catalog Main including Countness\Neon\Qubit2.0\E-gel and so on Product Catalog Download
PrIEF3000 continuous liquid isoelectric focusing electriphoresis Independent development.using IEF and 96-throughput protein separation and purification equipment. The flux fill the market gap for pharmacological research to provide the best separation platforms, such as access to medicines effective active substances Product Catalog Download
Stratedigm flow cytometer Catalog Newest flow cytometer in USA and have lot of customer in America and Europe. Top Configuration is 4 laser 16 color. Product Catalog Download
CellnTec medium guide CellnTec supply lots of epithelial cell to quickly choice these medium to suit for your experiment? Now we summarize the literature by manufacturer and support, and give you the best selection criteria. Product knowledge Download