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SlideWasher 8 Slide Clean-up Station

The clean-up of residue from DNA or protein microarray slides. It integrates washing buffer heating, slide washing and slide drying functions. It simplifies operations, improving the reliability of reaction results and array imaging. The SlideWasher 8 has up to 4 user set washing/drying protocols and 4 pre-set protocols.

Biomixer II microarray hybridization station

Up to 6 or 12 microarray slides hybridized simultaneously. The BioMixer II is equipped with 4 interchangeable adapters to accommodate hybridization, washing and to facilitate mixing of biochemical reagents in tubes.

LuxScan 10K Microarray Scanner

Two excitation lasers (532nm and 635nm) and scans sequentially, avoiding potential signal crosstalk for dual labeled arrays. LuxScan 10K-B, with a choice of either the 532 nm or 635 nm laser excitation scource, provides specific array applications at a lower cost.

PersonalArrayer 16 microarray spotter

a new highly flexible and efficient microarray spotter. Its compact design and flexible functions make it suitable for research labs and diagnostic labs.

SmartArrayer 48/136 microarray spotter

Contact print-head and proprietary non-contact spray head. CapitalBio SmartArrayer 136 is designed for large-scale microarray printing of up to 136 slides or up to 17 96-well plates.